Industrial gearbox manufacturing

Philip Kienle, today received the Aragón Entrepreneur Award at the Second Summit for Competitiveness, an event in which he indicated that his company wants to be the “driving force” of the digitalization because the industry and gearbox manufacturing will change “permanently”.

Accompanied by the director of the Opel plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza), Antonio Cobo, Kienle has received this award given to the company for its contribution to the Aragonese fabric.

How is the industry changing?

“Thanks to this recognition, you – in reference to the plant in Zaragoza – have very good people, a great team and a very competitive plant. The future is in their hands,” he emphasized in his gratefulness. In his speech, Kienle has emphasized the Internet of Things because, in his opinion, he will “revaluate” and “transform” the business and how to do operations in the company.

“If I had to choose a slogan, I would choose the speed of manufacturing,” Kienle explained, adding that it is “important” to understand that “connected car is more than a technological package, it is a paradigm shift with important changes in the structure“. In his view, the essence of the automobile and industry will change permanently and in that atmosphere of transformation who will be “driving the digitization and not be driven by it.”

In this sense, he added that making digitization a part of the structure “is not an option but an absolute necessity”, while ensuring that we must move towards “smart” factories in each investment. The Second Summit for Competitiveness in Aragon, organized by the Business Council of CEOE Aragón, which represents the main Aragonese companies, was held in the hall of the Crown of the Pignatelli Building in Zaragoza. This forum of reference has brought together executives of Aragonese companies; To the president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, with part of its executive and other authorities, like the delegate of the Government, Gustavo Alcalde, or the Justice of Aragon, Fernando García Vicente.

The future of gearbox manufacturing is bright

The president of the Business Council of Aragon, Ricardo Mur, also head of the CEOE in Zaragoza, has cited “depopulation”, “demography” and “aging” as the main challenges of the Community and has indicated that the solution For infrastructure and employment in rural areas.

He went on to say that although Aragón has always been known for having a strong industrial fabric, “we can not stand still” and, therefore, it has advanced that the Business Council, which is represented 25 companies, including Saica, Pikolin , BSH or DKV Seguros, is working on ways to address new challenges. Among them, it has announced the launch of a new competitiveness indicator, a thermometer that will be updated every six months to analyze the economy, which will be presented at the end of summer.

In addition, it has pointed out that they are working, together with ESIC, in the study of the brand Aragón, whose results will be presented at Ibercaja in October. For his part, the President of the Government of Aragon has indicated that it has been a “complete success” to decide to appoint President of the year to Opel, at a decisive moment for the “transcendental” trajectory in the present and that “it must also be in the future”.

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